A New Pipeline Project


Project Information: A new pipeline for GDH-BP Frontignan!

The GDH-BP depot is a hydrocarbon storage site located on the Mediterranean coastal town of Frontignan, south of France.
Operated by GDH, a 100% subsidiary of BP France, it consists of 24 tanks with a storage capacity of close to 1 million M3 of petrol.
Petroleum products are mainly transported through a submarine pipeline directly from the harbor of Sète.

In order to guarantee the safety of operations and to adapt to market developments, a new pipeline will be installed between the depot and the Sète port dock 2.

The project includes:
– the construction of the pipeline: length of 4,460 m (marine section of 1,380 m and land section of 3,080 m)
– the construction of the unloading platform
– the modifications inside the storage site (connecting the existing pipe)

The desired range of vessels would range from 5,000 to 70,000 t for 50 to 60 port calls per year, with the current station receiving vessels of 15,000 to 45,000 t for 40 to 55 vessels per year.


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