Angola Block 17 Project Brownfield (PBF)

A special team to maintain the production plateau of the FPSOs!
Located off the coast of Angola, nearly 1,300 meters below sea level, Block 17 is composed of four major FPSOs: Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor and CLOV, which gradually started production between 2001 to 2014.
In 2017, its production averaged 600,000 b/d.

The PBF team, created by Total E&P Angola with the support of Sonangol and its other partners present in the block, is planning for the future by:
– Limiting the natural decline of the field
– Maximizing the existing production
– Developing infill wells, satellite fields and marginal reservoirs
– Enhancing oil recovery

Total operates the Block 17 with a 40% interest, alongside affiliates Equinor (23.33%), Exxon Mobil (20%), and BP (16.67%). Sonangol, is concessionaire.

Photo credits: Total



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