Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician I
(Permanent Position – Sungai Petani)

Job Description:

. Asset Senior Mechanic on daily maintenance activities in fadltty and
maintenance Division especially on Mechanical work.
‘ Carry out daily inspection (morning checking) on the pnformance of the
machinery and production line.
‘ Day to day operations of the entin facility, mechanical installation and
monitoring on line equipment’s performance. This will also Include overseeing
production line and equipment.
. Replace and repair all faulty mechanical parts of the machine equipment and
production line.
. Attend all machine failure and redify acca’dinghy, abo need to prevent and
mlnlmlzethe breakdown on equipment and production line.
. Ensue all laws and regulations related to mechanical system and installation
are complied with the authority.
. Ensure all laws and regulations related to safety are followed at all time.
Responsibloforthe duty perform bathe immediate subordinate.
. Perform any other duties as my be assigned by Immediate superior.


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