PTTEP Oil and Gas Jobs Thailand, Malaysia

PTTEP Oil and Gas Jobs Thailand, Malaysia

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration and production of petroleum in Thailand and internationally. It is also involved in the gas pipeline transportation business; investment funding; and the provision of petroleum-related technology, human resource support, treasury center, technology, and solar power businesses, as well as renewable energy and related activities. In addition, the company invests in cleaner energy and technology-related businesses. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited is a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited.

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Senior Engineer, Infill Well                   Kuala Lumpur

Accountant, Thai PSC Asset Support  Bangkok

Supervisor, Drilling Operations           Offshore-Thailand

Engineer, Contracts                               Kuala Lumpur

Engineer, Technical Safety                   Bangkok

Senior, Warehouse                                 Labuan

Secretary                                                  Bangkok

Specialist, SSHE Contractor Management            Kuala Lumpur

Senior, Warehouse                                 Kuala Lumpur

Accountant, Tax Compliance Support     Bangkok

Technical Assistant                                 Bangkok

Officer, Organization Design Support     Bangkok

(Assistant) Officer, Financial Operations Support              Bangkok

Officer, Learning and Development Support       Bangkok

Officer, Investor Relations                   Bangkok

Senior Engineer, Contracts                  Kuala Lumpur

Senior Engineer, Contracts                  Kuala Lumpur

(Senior) Engineer, Infrastructure Management  Bangkok

Technical Assistant                                 Bangkok

Engineer, Marine Support                    Bangkok

Secretary                                                  Bangkok

Accountant, Revenue Accounting      Bangkok

Senior Legal Officer                               Bangkok

Engineer, Construction Support          Lankrabue

Coordinator, Power and Renewables Support    Bangkok

Analyst, Financial Risk Management Bangkok

(Senior) Engineer, Well Engineering  Bangkok

Engineer, Maintenance Support (Instrumentation)           Bangkok

Business Analyst, Finance and Accounting IS Support      Bangkok

Analyst, Tax Policy and Strategy         Bangkok

(Senior) Accoutant, Tax Compliance  Bangkok

Engineer, Project Support                    Bangkok

Engineer, Project Cost and Planning Support      Bangkok

Career Opportunities for Experienced HR Professionals Bangkok

Analyst, Debt and Capital Market      Bangkok

Officer, HRIS Support                             Bangkok

Officer, SSHE Support                            Lankrabue

Accountant, Accounting Policy           Bangkok

Company Site Representative             Kuala Lumpur

Geologist                                                  Bangkok

Assistant Officer, Land Acquisition & Permits and Licenses Support          Lankrabue

Officer, Digital Business Solutions Support          Bangkok

Head of Modification                            Kuala Lumpur

Specialist, Procurement and Contracts  Kuala Lumpur

Senior Engineer, Development Planning              Kuala Lumpur

Engineer, Drilling                                    Bangkok

Operator, Crane                                      Offshore – Sarawak – South

Geologist                                                  Kuala Lumpur

Senior Geophysicist                                Kuala Lumpur

Technician A, Electrical (HV)                BORF Operations

Technician C, Mechanical                     Offshore – Sarawak – North

Operator A, Production                         Offshore – Sarawak

Operator C, Production (Northern)    Offshore – Sarawak – North

Technician B, Mechanical                     Offshore – Sarawak – Central

Technician B, Electrical (LV)                 Offshore – Sarawak – North

Operator C, Production                         Offshore – Sarawak – Central

Senior Geophysicist                                Kuala Lumpur

Assistant Officer, Administration        Bangkok

Officer, Digital Business Solutions Support          Bangkok

Officer, Digital Business Solution (Supply Chain & Logistics)         Bangkok

Officer, Contracts Support                    Bangkok

Engineer, Quality Assurance and Quality Control             Bangkok

G1 – Engineer, Project                           Bangkok

Accountant, International Asset         Bangkok

Officer, Leadership Development Support           Bangkok

Supervisor, SSHE                                     Offshore-Thailand

Business Analyst, Finance and Accounting IS Support      Bangkok

Legal Officer                                            Bangkok

Accountant, Reporting and Analysis  Bangkok

Officer, CMMS and Planning Support     Bangkok

(Senior) Analyst, Enterprise Transformation Support       Bangkok

Officer, Office Facility Management Support      Rayong

PTTEP Oil and Gas Jobs Thailand, Malaysia
PTTEP Oil and Gas Jobs Thailand, Malaysia
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